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Home Health & Rehabilitation Services

Our licensed therapists know that when treatment takes place at home, there is less stress and anxiety. The entire family can be united in helping a family member reach their full potential.

Why choose Rehabilitation Therapies at Home?

• In Home Care provides a safe and comfortable
setting to achieve you goals for independence.
• Individualized programs are focused on your needs.
• Instructional and informative programs can be
developed for you and your caregivers.
• Skilled therapists plan and coordinate your care
with your physician, family and other healthcare

Physical Therapists: work to improve mobility and strength, relieve pain and prevent or limit the permanent disability of people who have been physically limited by injury or disease.

Occupational Therapists: use specially designed activities to help physically, mentally, or emotionally disabled persons reach their highest level of function in daily living and work skills.

Speech-Language Pathologists: assist with speech, language, cognitive and swallowing disorders resulting from conditions such as hearing loss, brain injury, cleft palate, developmental delays and nerve/stroke-related diseases.

Home Health Care and Rehabilitation Services

Our home healthcare services are individually customized to meet your needs while recovering from illness, injury or surgery. Services are provided under the direction of your physician.

Therapy Specialty Programs:

Ready to Learn: A screening assessment designed to understand your physical limitations and how they can be improved.
Ready to Prepare: A pre-op program for patients facing elective surgery.
Ready & Steady: Fall prevention and balance program designed to identify activities that put you at risk and provide tools to reduce the likelihood of falls.
Ready to Function or Help Myself: A comprehensive program to achieve independence with activities of daily living (ADL’s) and self care.
Ready to Go: Post-operative therapeutic programs addressing comprehensive needs for safe and independent mobility.
Ready to Swallow: Comprehensive Swallow Program — dysphagia treatment program designed to enhance your swallowing abilities. These programs can provide the benefit of comprehensive rehabilitation in an environment where you feel most comfortable — your home.